Three Rocks. Two Hearts. One Path.

A man embarked on a several day hike through the Appalachian mountains. He picked up a rock to mark the beginning of his journey. The man met a woman who he felt an instant connection to, and she felt it too. He picked up another rock. They shared the journey for a time and eventually they went their separate ways. At the end of the hike through the mountains the man picked up another rock to symbolize the end, and also a new beginning. The man and woman continued their lives separately although they couldnt deny the imprint that had been left on each heart. They remained in contact and built a solid relationship. Eventually the man passed the rocks to the woman telling her the story of how they symbolized his journey to her. The woman came to us with the rocks and they were used as an inlay for a ring that the she designed for the man. This couple reminds us of the cosmic energy that brings two hearts together.

An Ocean of Love

Breaking Tradtions by Simply Wood Rings Wood Wedding Band

We had a wonderful couple visiting us from San Diego, California where they both worked as marine biologists. They came to our studio to design their rings as they were not really sure what they wanted. After chatting for awhile about the different types of woods, inlays and their interests we discovered that in their careers as marine biologists he studied whales and she studied the effects of trash pollution on marine life. She told us that she had recently participated in a study with the grandson of Jacques Cousteau in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where they collected samples of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch— a mass of floating debris that is caught in the spiraling currents of the ocean as a result of human pollution.

During our discussion of inlays we told them about how many clients have customized their rings by sending in their own sand or stone for the inlay. At which time she asked,“What about trash?” Thus, our first custom inlay with trash was created. This is one of those moments where the idiom, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, rings true!

Under the Apple Tree

One couple told us the story of spending a whole summer under an old apple tree. They passed the time in the shade of the tree, lost in each other. We made a set of rings from the wood of that apple tree where their two paths intertwined for the rest of their days. We always encourage our clients to provide their own materials so that what we create for them is something deeply symbolic and unique.

dry wood branches for wood ring material