Womens Wood Rings

Womens Wood Rings


Emily Evergreen 

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  • Mahogany Wood Engagement Ring with Elemental Stone Mix and Maple Liner

    “Breaking Traditions” | Mahogany Engagement Wood Ring

    $450.00 $360.00
  • Oak Wedding Ring

  • Hackberry and Rosewood Wood Ring

    Hackberry and Rosewood Wood Ring

    $335.00 $268.00
  • Seashore's Muse Rosewood and Mother of Pearl Ring

    “Seashore’s Muse” | Rosewood & Mother of Pearl Ring

    $350.00 $280.00
  • Rosewood Wedding Band

    Salvaged Rosewood Ring

    $295.00 $236.00
  • Walnut Wood Ring with Maple Liner

    “Love is Now” | Walnut and Maple Wedding Band

    $320.00 $256.00
  • Love is Now Engagement Ring | Walnut Wood with Maple Ring Liner

    “Love is Now” | Walnut & Maple Wood Engagement Ring

    $1,035.00 $828.00
  • Bogwood wooden wedding ring

    “The Bogwood” | Bogwood with Oak ring

    $375.00 $300.00
  • Young at Heart- Yin

    “Young at Heart” | Dark Bogwood and Oak Ring (Yin)

    $445.00 $356.00
  • Nuts About You Walnut Wood Ring

    “Nuts About You” | Walnut Wood Engagement Ring

    $375.00 $300.00
  • Oak Wood RIng with Bogwood Inlay

    “Young at Heart” | Light Bogwood and Oak ring (Yang)

    $445.00 $356.00
  • Mahogany Wood Wedding Ring

    Mahogany Wood Wedding Ring

    $235.00 $188.00

Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

Simply Wood Rings wooden wedding sets are a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to metal rings. Our sustainable ring sets are designed by an artist and crafted by creatives who are dedicated to providing environmentally conscious commitment jewelry.

We can use your wood.

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