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Life After Marriage: Things To Expect

Life After Marriage: Things To Expect

In chick flicks and fairy tales, happily ever after is often depicted in a scene featuring a couple being joined in holy matrimony. Yes, we fill the head of our little girls with the fantasy that marriage is the gateway to happiness. We delude them into thinking that it solves everything and that by getting married, everything else in life will taste of the sweet nectarine we call happiness. Well, it would’ve been fine to stay as that little girl and keep believing in such a sweet little lie. If only it weren’t for one thing:

You grew up.

That’s right. Now that you’re all grown up, you know that marriage is not an ending but rather a beginning. It’s a start of something amazingly beautiful – or something horrific beyond description. I have no plans on beating around the bush here. Getting hitched is like placing your entire life’s fortune on a lottery ticket. You either go big or go home.

Am I trying to get you to develop a fear on lifelong commitment? Of course not! All I’m saying is that you should only say YES to a marriage proposal when you’re 100% sure that it is really what you want. Also, you might want to check these out. These are things or situations you might find yourself in once you tie the knot. If you think you’re ready for these, then maybe you are the marrying type!

You’ll Become Overly Invested In Home Life

If you were once the party girl who made night clubs your regular go-to hang-out with girlfriends or guy pals, then you’d be very surprised to find yourself becoming less and less likely encouraged to go anywhere besides your own yard. After you get married, a part of you that loves mischief and rambunctious activities basically just shuts down and you start enjoying the comforts of your humble abode more and more.

Still, if this type of thing is something you like in the first place, then good for you! If not, do not worry! This kind of life certainly has perks to it and you’ll grow to love it in no time!  

You’ll Discover Unexpected Sides To Your Partner

Marriage is a lifelong seal that unseals someone life. Quite the tongue twister we have there, isn’t it? But you know this is the truth. You might think that you already know someone so well that you can visualize all their mannerisms and habits without having to actually look at them. However, there is still so much you are yet to discover. You will start noticing more subtle quirks about your partner. You might find out that he does things that annoy you too. Just remember that the key part to a successful marriage is to embrace this journey together.

Talk about your little discoveries. Find joy in it. Just because you get to find out something about your partner that you didn’t know before doesn’t mean that they’re not the person you fell in love with. In fact, it gives you all the more reason to fall in love again, right?

Social Etiquette and Decorum is Thrown Out the Window!

Yep, you’ll know exactly what this means when you finally experience it yourself! Some couples give up on trying to act prim and proper after a few years into the relationship but others manage to hold themselves until after marriage! Once that ring is on your finger, get ready to see your partner in their funniest, most embarrassing, and even gross moments. Get a front row seat every morning to their ridiculous bed hair, experience the smell of their sweet, sweet breath after eating a whole bunch of questionable things, see them grow their hair out in their bodies and even feel it poking you as you sleep.

Marriage makes people feel the most comfortable around one another. You’re tied up baby; no use running away now (lol)!

You Might Never Enjoy That Last Slice of Pie Again

Especially when you start having kids. When you start building your family, your personal wants and needs take a back seat. You start prioritizing the happiness of your partner and your children (if you plant to have any). This means that you would gladly give up things you love just to see them smiling.

Everything is shared and there will be times that even if you want that last piece of pie for yourself, you’d rather give it to them just to see them happy.

Movie Nights Are Always PG

Again, this happens when the little tykes start coming into the picture. You would be surprised how drastically your Netflix “recommended” watch list can and will change! Of course, family friendly movies are always a top choice so nothing RPG gets shown on the family TV anymore. And since kids are home most of the time, it’s not like you can sneak around and watch your favorite reality shows or binge watch the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise again!

It’s all going to be Sofia The First and PJ Masks running the reel around the house!    

You’ll Start Sounding Like Your Mom

“I’m never going to be like my mom” or so you said. But after you get married and start a family of your own, you start to realize that there is no way you can escape your impending fate. You start sounding more like her when you blurt out her life philosophies uncharacteristically. You notice yourself slowly going down the “mom” abyss whenever you catch yourself nagging the same way she had in the past. But that’s pretty interesting to see too, don’t you think? 

On second thought, these don’t sound too bad – do they? Marriage has its own perks and if you have the right perspective about it (aka you are absolutely and positively sure about what you’re getting into), it can become the most precious thing that has ever happened to you.

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