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Why Is He Not Popping The Big Question? Read This Before You Panic

Why Is He Not Popping The Big Question? Read This Before You Panic

Before you sound the alarm and cause all of your friends and family to worry about you, there might be underlying reasons (that are quite valid) as to why he is still not getting down on one knee. For all you know, while you’re wallowing in despair to your girlfriends, one of them is already plotting a revenge scheme on your boyfriend. Oh, those things never end on a pretty note – and you might just be misunderstanding the whole situation too!

You see, there are many possible reasons as to why you’re not hearing a proposal yet. And those reasons probably don’t include “He doesn’t love you” or “He’s just playing with you” so before you go reporting anything unnecessary to your friends and have them put on their battle suits for no good reason, it’s best if you try to see things from your partner’s point of view as well.

Are Commitment-phobic Men Real?

Yes, they are. They are as real as your annoying co-worker who never fails to make a very good day at work completely terrible. There are guys who shy away the moment they hear “commitment” being brought up to the conversation, especially when it is something lifelong. However, you can’t really say right away that your man is like this. After all, he wouldn’t have steadily gone out with you if his case of commitment-phobia is pretty severe.           

But why do such sorry ass men exist in the first place?

Well, I could think of several reasons off the top of my head:

  1. There’s Far Too Many Fish Swimming In The Sea

As much as I would hate to admit it, there are just guys who ogle at almost every girl they see. They stand there blatantly starting at every beauty that passes by; they don’t even try to make it less obvious. It’s probably because they’re not convinced that what they’re doing is wrong and insulting to their partners. After all, men are made to look right?

Of course, I am not implying that your partner is anything like this. I’m not saying he’s this too far gone. All I’m trying to say is that men like this exist whether we like it or not and chances of them settling down anytime soon is unlikely.

There is far too many fish in the sea. How could they be 100% sure that their destined fish is you?

  • He Has Past Trauma With Serious Relationships

This is also another common reason behind commitment phobia. It could be that the man who is your world right now once had his world shattered by another person and now, he’s too afraid to invest too much into your relationship. Does such drama still exist even to this day?

Yes, very much so. I would even say it’s a lot more melodramatic these days.

  • He’s Anxious About Relationship Fallouts

 Here’s a really simple reason why he won’t commit: He’s a coward and he’s probably aware of it. He’s too afraid about diving into the relationship head first so he always ensures a safe distance. He shuts down any mention of long term commitment or talks about the future. While he might overcome his own cowardice in fear of losing you in the future, the question lies in how long you are willing to wait.

  • He Just Doesn’t See You That Way

There are women you marry and girls you just have fun with. There’s a chance that you’re the latter to him. Of course, this only happens when you’re dating a douche so you’re better off not marrying that kind of guy anyway.

However, if you’ve already been together for quite a while (like a few years or so) and you’re still not seeing signs of any grand proposal soon, these factors might’ve already come into play:

He’s Become Too Comfortable

Trust me; there are men who will be 100% committed to you and love you more than anything else in the world but still haven’t thought about proposing. It’s because he’s become too comfortable around you and he doesn’t think to much into tying you down because he’s too confident that you’re going to be together forever anyway. This usually happens when you move in together before marriage.

Instead of a waiting for a grand proposal, you can just talk to him about it. I’m sure he’d welcome the idea. He just never thought about it.

He’s Overthinking It

You’re not the only anxious one in the relationship, you know. You may notice it but your partner is probably fighting off his own insecurities too. He might be thinking he’s not good enough for you and that there’s a good possibility that you would shut him down should he get down in one knee. Also, there’s the thing about planning for the future. He might be feeling defeated by his own insecure thoughts of not being able to give you the life you want.

Again, communication is key in handling this. You have to make him feel that you’re there for him no matter what.

He Thinks You’re Not Up For It Too

I don’t know if you’ve ever considered this but you might give off an aura that prevents him from asking you such a serious question. You might seem to be the “not marrying” type to him and that intimidates your partner from popping the big question.

Girl, go on and drop hints if you must!

You know what? Your partner might just need a little push from you. I’m not saying proposing yourself (although that would be cool too) but you should at least drop hints that getting hitched is already an idea you entertain. Maybe obviously browse ring collections online where he can see? We have a terrific collection, btw. Or, maybe buy a few wedding mags and put it in the reading section near the toilet. That ought to catch his attention!

But woman, even after dropping a multitude of hints and his awareness is still nowhere to be found, then you might want to re-evaluate your decision about wanting to marry such a dense person! Just kidding!       

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Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Going Broke!

Tips to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Going Broke!

As a couple, there is nothing more exciting than your wedding. It is going to be the pinnacle of your relationship. It is also the most important day of your life. There is only going to be that one day wherein you are saying those vows and making promises with each other. Both of your families are going to be there, along with everyone else you cared the most. The place or church is draped with the usual wedding colors, and everyone would be smiling at the couple. It is the event of the year, and possibly your entire life.

However, there is just one problem: it can get expensive. On average, weddings in the USA tend to cost more than $30,000. There are a lot of aspects though that makes this so much higher. Furthermore, there are expenses that you might not be privy to yet. It is just going to be apparent after you have already done the event. Some couples even ended up in debt because they did not expect to spend a lot more than what they have planned.

It is important to balance what you want versus what you can afford. That is a sad idea, but it is the reality of life. Unless you are a billionaire, then this wedding would cost some money. It would be wise to save way before the event itself as you need to prepare all of it. If you think that it is too much preparation, then it would be worse if you don’t do it. You should be able to control the spending that is appropriate for both of you. 

Saving the Date

There are many ways that you can save some extra bucks from your wedding. Remember, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. The occasion is just a formality for couples to celebrate their love for one another. It should not be a headache before, during and after the wedding. Here are some ways that you can still control your expenses on such a large event.

  1. Avoid “peak” seasons

Believe it or not, the date you will choose for your wedding will affect the entire cost. How so you may ask? Well, it is because of the peak season. Certain months like June and December are known as wedding months, especially June. Many locations and services are known to jack up their prices during these times. Some would even change their prices if they know that it is going to be a wedding. It can be quite challenging to schedule it somewhere in between, but you can always choose a long weekend for your celebrations.

  • Choose your event location wisely

Another important aspect that you need to consider is the location of your wedding. You can always choose a hotel or an event center for it. You may want to follow the previous tip for this one. There are also some public spaces like parks and other locations that can be quite cheaper. If your house has a wide backyard, then you can do the even there as well. Bonus points if it is your new house since it is going to be a double celebration. It is also technically free since you own the location. You would have more freedom in choosing what’s going to happen and the decorations that need to be done.

  • Invite only a few guests

As this is an important event, there are bound to be guests that you would want to invite. Choose only the ones that you think are closest to you. Family and a few chosen friends are enough to make your day complete. You do not have to invite all of your ex-classmates, people from work and the whole neighborhood to make it more extravagant. An intimate occasion would be great for weddings, as you do not have to deal with a lot of people then you should have to. It would also make it easier to budget the entire thing since the guest list is quite limited. 

  • Have simpler rings

Rings are also important since it is going to be on the most important part of the entire ceremony. However, you do not have to buy the most expensive rings to signify your love. You do not even have to buy the ones with all the precious jewels. Although these would most certainly be pretty, it can also look quite simple yet still elegant. There are many ring options out there to choose from. One of which is a ring like the ones available from our store. Their looks can compare to your diamonds and golds without the bank-breaking price tag.

  • Design the event as much as possible

It is time to get the DIY pants on! Although hiring a planner and organizer would make things easier, it is so much better when you do most of it yourself. You can make it a family or friend activity. Letting them join in the process of building the entire event makes it even more memorable to those involved. You can proudly say that you designed your wedding, and that is as intimate as it gets.


As we have mentioned before, you do not need to have a big and extravagant wedding to make you feel better. Yes, it can be a once in a lifetime event, but you can always make it budget-friendly for both of you. It doesn’t have to be a dream wedding; being with your partner and walking down that aisle should already be a dream come true.

Even though we are saying that you do not have to pay a heavy price for everything, you can always go all out. As long as you have the budget for it, then go ahead and let yourself splurge. However, if it doesn’t feel right for you, then don’t spend all that much anyway. It is your wedding, and you decide to keep it simple or extravagant. The opinions of other people should not matter with your happiness. You are the one going through the entire thing, so you have the right to do what you want.

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Life After Marriage: Things To Expect

Life After Marriage: Things To Expect

In chick flicks and fairy tales, happily ever after is often depicted in a scene featuring a couple being joined in holy matrimony. Yes, we fill the head of our little girls with the fantasy that marriage is the gateway to happiness. We delude them into thinking that it solves everything and that by getting married, everything else in life will taste of the sweet nectarine we call happiness. Well, it would’ve been fine to stay as that little girl and keep believing in such a sweet little lie. If only it weren’t for one thing:

You grew up.

That’s right. Now that you’re all grown up, you know that marriage is not an ending but rather a beginning. It’s a start of something amazingly beautiful – or something horrific beyond description. I have no plans on beating around the bush here. Getting hitched is like placing your entire life’s fortune on a lottery ticket. You either go big or go home.

Am I trying to get you to develop a fear on lifelong commitment? Of course not! All I’m saying is that you should only say YES to a marriage proposal when you’re 100% sure that it is really what you want. Also, you might want to check these out. These are things or situations you might find yourself in once you tie the knot. If you think you’re ready for these, then maybe you are the marrying type!

You’ll Become Overly Invested In Home Life

If you were once the party girl who made night clubs your regular go-to hang-out with girlfriends or guy pals, then you’d be very surprised to find yourself becoming less and less likely encouraged to go anywhere besides your own yard. After you get married, a part of you that loves mischief and rambunctious activities basically just shuts down and you start enjoying the comforts of your humble abode more and more.

Still, if this type of thing is something you like in the first place, then good for you! If not, do not worry! This kind of life certainly has perks to it and you’ll grow to love it in no time!  

You’ll Discover Unexpected Sides To Your Partner

Marriage is a lifelong seal that unseals someone life. Quite the tongue twister we have there, isn’t it? But you know this is the truth. You might think that you already know someone so well that you can visualize all their mannerisms and habits without having to actually look at them. However, there is still so much you are yet to discover. You will start noticing more subtle quirks about your partner. You might find out that he does things that annoy you too. Just remember that the key part to a successful marriage is to embrace this journey together.

Talk about your little discoveries. Find joy in it. Just because you get to find out something about your partner that you didn’t know before doesn’t mean that they’re not the person you fell in love with. In fact, it gives you all the more reason to fall in love again, right?

Social Etiquette and Decorum is Thrown Out the Window!

Yep, you’ll know exactly what this means when you finally experience it yourself! Some couples give up on trying to act prim and proper after a few years into the relationship but others manage to hold themselves until after marriage! Once that ring is on your finger, get ready to see your partner in their funniest, most embarrassing, and even gross moments. Get a front row seat every morning to their ridiculous bed hair, experience the smell of their sweet, sweet breath after eating a whole bunch of questionable things, see them grow their hair out in their bodies and even feel it poking you as you sleep.

Marriage makes people feel the most comfortable around one another. You’re tied up baby; no use running away now (lol)!

You Might Never Enjoy That Last Slice of Pie Again

Especially when you start having kids. When you start building your family, your personal wants and needs take a back seat. You start prioritizing the happiness of your partner and your children (if you plant to have any). This means that you would gladly give up things you love just to see them smiling.

Everything is shared and there will be times that even if you want that last piece of pie for yourself, you’d rather give it to them just to see them happy.

Movie Nights Are Always PG

Again, this happens when the little tykes start coming into the picture. You would be surprised how drastically your Netflix “recommended” watch list can and will change! Of course, family friendly movies are always a top choice so nothing RPG gets shown on the family TV anymore. And since kids are home most of the time, it’s not like you can sneak around and watch your favorite reality shows or binge watch the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise again!

It’s all going to be Sofia The First and PJ Masks running the reel around the house!    

You’ll Start Sounding Like Your Mom

“I’m never going to be like my mom” or so you said. But after you get married and start a family of your own, you start to realize that there is no way you can escape your impending fate. You start sounding more like her when you blurt out her life philosophies uncharacteristically. You notice yourself slowly going down the “mom” abyss whenever you catch yourself nagging the same way she had in the past. But that’s pretty interesting to see too, don’t you think? 

On second thought, these don’t sound too bad – do they? Marriage has its own perks and if you have the right perspective about it (aka you are absolutely and positively sure about what you’re getting into), it can become the most precious thing that has ever happened to you.

Speaking of marriage, it all starts with choosing the right ring. Why not browse our super neat collection of engagement and wedding rings before you go?    

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How You Can Say ‘I Love You’ Without Using Words

How You Can Say ‘I Love You’ Without Using Words

They say there are a hundred different ways to say you love a person. That is true. While it can be really sweet to hear your partner say “I love you” over and over again, that can also be boring over time. Some women feel that their men are obliged to say it. When you are in a relationship, there are several other ways to say those three words. 

Communication is perhaps the most important way to keep a relationship strong. Words are sometimes not enough though. Our actions give non-verbal messages that may or may not be understood well. Couples need to find ways to address this growing communication gap and saying “I love you” just does not cut it.

Marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman understood this very well. In 1992, he came up with the idea of communicating through the Five Love Languages. In his book, he says the way to give and receive love is based on five categories. People are likely to fall under one or two of these categories. If they do not receive affection through them, your efforts will most likely be ignored. 

It is a fairly simple concept: if we do not speak the same love language, we probably will have issues in the future.

Notice something weird?

Have you often observed other couples and find them sort of weird? Why are those two together all the time? Why does he sacrifice his free time for that girl? Why does he always give her special gifts? Why are they so close together – literally? Why does he look like her loyal servant? 

If you find some of these weird, that is okay. It means that is not your love language. If you think some of these are definitely a must in any relation, it most likely means you fall under that category. So what are these love languages?

Quality Time

Time is a precious commodity for people under this category. Someone who speaks this love language puts emphasis on being together above anything else. They are happy when you pay attention and listen intently. They love it when you remember what the last conversation was about. They love when you prioritize them overwork and going out with your friends on weekends. This can be as little as making time to watch your favorite Netflix show together and talking about it over dinner. 

A person who likes this love language also prefers experiences over gifts. Booking a much-needed vacation or scheduling nightly Facetime calls at night when you are away for work means more to them. Taking time to respond to their messages in a timely manner is important. Any sign that you are ignoring them or are too busy for them may signal that you are losing interest. It may drive them away.

Words of Affirmation

Let’s face it. We all want to feel validated once in a while. Some people, especially those who fall under this second love language, think it is very important. How many times have we seen couples break up because the woman does not feel appreciated by his man? This cannot be the usual “Nice Dress” or “You look hot” type of affirmation. This has to be a genuine sense of validation that needs to be communicated well.

For example, let her know how much you love her cooking. Let her know how much you appreciate the way she takes care of your children all day even though it can be insane. Tell her how much you love being relaxed at home after a stressful day of work because she takes good care of your home.

Men may find this daunting as they usually are not used to talking about their feelings. They don’t have to be spoken words. Send her a message. Let her know you appreciate her.

Acts of Service

We often hear about the expression Labor of Love. This is important for people who speak this love language. Any act of service shows how much you care. People often realize this too late. When your partner is nagging about something, he or she is probably telling you what you need to do to make them feel loved. On the other side of the spectrum, people who do provide service as an act of love may feel bad if their work is unappreciated.

For married couples, chores are a big factor for people who speak this language. Making sure you wash dishes after dinner or putting the toilet seat down after you pee are big signs that you are paying attention. Cooking dinner or bringing home dinner so she would not have to cook after a long day can be perceived as a loving act.

Receiving Gifts

Ever notice why some girls like receiving flowers while others don’t? This is an important sign that your girlfriend’s love language is receiving gifts. This might be the most expensive love language but it can be the easiest to fulfill. People who speak this love language often equate gifts to your love and devotion. They often feel good when you do not forget to give them an anniversary gift. She is probably the type who would keep a collection of teddy bears you gave her since you started dating. 

One caveat: gifts do not have to be expensive. Take notes from romantic comedy films. A simple cupcake or flower you picked out of your garden will look as important to her as an expensive gift. If you are not great at buying gifts, make sure you ask help from people who know her the best. 

Physical Touch

This is not just about sex! Oftentimes, women who speak this love language complain about not being touched by their husbands for years. Touch can mean a lot of things. It can be massaging her back when she feels tense. It can be putting your arm around her when you watch a movie together. It can be simply making sure you hold her hand while walking together. 

Touch gives a sense of security that you acknowledge their presence. It means you love being close to her. When talking about your partner in front of other people, make sure you tap them on the leg or shoulder. Notice the reaction you will get when you do this.

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How To Plan A Memorable Honeymoon For Less

How To Plan A Memorable Honeymoon For Less

After walking down the aisle and saying your I do’s, it is now time for the honeymoon. The much-awaited event for every bride and groom—but not for the reasons you are thinking.

The honeymoon is the time for the newly-wed couple to relax. The wedding planning and its celebration is a whirlwind of stress, chaos, and people. Yes, getting engaged and the first talks of marriage are exhilarating but let us face it—it tends to get stressful. Your schedules will be full of appointments, bills, and bachelorette or bachelor parties. You will not be able to spend private time together with your partner even on the wedding day itself.

The only time you are going to get a private, intimate moment is during the honeymoon. Whether you are already living together before this, everything changes after the wedding. A honeymoon is a momentous event. It is the day one of forever. It will be the first of many times where you are going to wake up as a married couple.

For this, you would want an amazing and memorable honeymoon. One where you would be telling awesome stories about for the rest of your life. Here are tips on how to plan a memorable yet budget-friendly honeymoon.

1.       Brainstorm with your partner

Collaborate with your partner. Both of you can list down the top three things or activities that you love doing. It can be snorkeling, hiking, or food. From there, choose the perfect destination that suits you both.

That way, you both get to enjoy and do what you love together. You do not need to do destination hopping just to accommodate what the other one enjoys.

2.       Consider your priorities

What part of this vacation is the most important for both of you? If having a grand accommodation are your non-negotiables, consider spending your honeymoon somewhere local. This will focus your budget on luxe and relaxing hotels rather than a flight to New Zealand.

If you are an adventurous couple and you want somewhere far and exotic, cut down your expenses in hotel bookings. Since you are barely going to stay indoors, settle for a nice, little room.

3.       Book everything early

Thanks to digital apps, everything can be booked with just a click. The key is to plan the honeymoon early to book it early. Book everything online or by using travel and accommodation apps like Airbnb.

These apps are brimming with early booking discounts that you can take advantage of. Even plane tickets are cheaper when booked four to five months before the departure date.

4.       Travel during the off-season

Do a little research on your destination then plan your honeymoon during its off-season. Capitalist business owners are the hungriest during their low seasons.

Prices are drastically lowered to coax people to buy. Hotel rooms become cheap, package deals are offered, and crowds are fewer.

Off seasons are usually before or after a specific destination’s peak season. For example, a trip to the stunning island of Maldives.

Its low season is from May to November. It is because June is the start of their rainy weather. A total downpour of rain is expected fifteen days per month. Plan your trip right before June starts or during November where the days are warmer and the nights are cooler.

Plan and choose your destination wisely.

5.       Choose a local destination

Be practical and realistic. Plane tickets are expensive compared to land transportation. Pick somewhere within driving distance. There are a lot of local tourist spots and excursions to enjoy. Spend your allotted budget for plane tickets to upgrade hotel amenities or add a local destination.

Locally-spent honeymoon is still a honeymoon as long as it is with your wife or husband.

6.       Package deals and all-inclusive vacations.

All-inclusive packages are the best. Everything is pre-planned for you, even the fee. All you need to do is book it and pay for it then voila—instant honeymoon treat.

All-inclusive deals come in a flat, discounted fee. Rooms, meals, activities, transportations, and entertainment are all set. There are many all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and tours available. Do your research and ask inquiries. Make sure that the activities appeal to both of you.

7.       Cut your honeymoon trip short

Not everyone can afford a month-long overseas honeymoon—and it’s okay! Instead of taking a two-week honeymoon, why not cut it short by only taking three or four days. This way, you can cut your expenses and use it to upgrade your hotel amenities or do fancy dining. Splurge on other things on your itinerary list.

8.       Postpone your honeymoon for later

Instead of zeroing your bank accounts for a huge honeymoon, why not take a minimoon. Enjoy a minimoon now and take a honeymoon vacation later.

You can spend a long weekend together in a bed and breakfast hotel or plan a staycation to relax and spend an intimate time together.

You can go on an outdoor camping trip for two days. Spend the night under the stars. You can also opt for a road trip and do crazy things together one last time. The quality and value of a honeymoon do not depend on cash, but on how you spend your time together.

9.       Skip the traditional honeymoon

The traditional and mainstream honeymoon requires you to spend it out of town, on an island, or somewhere romantic.

If your budget does not permit it, it is okay to spend your wedding night in your new home or rented apartment. Unplug your devices and do not entertain any visitors. As long as it is only the two of you, spending an intimate moment together, it still is a honeymoon.

Cook your spouse’s favorite meal or surprise them with an elegant ring. Be as creative and romantic as you can.


Do not pressure yourselves into thinking that a honeymoon should be filled with adventure and excitement.

Go back to what it truly means. It is a time of reflection as a married couple. Reflect on your feelings and absorb your new reality—that forever starts here.

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How To Achieve Your Dream Wedding For Less

How To Achieve Your Dream Wedding For Less

There are many events that many people are looking forward to in their lifetimes. Some of them happen every year like birthdays and New Year celebrations. Others can be due to history and government-mandated holidays like Independence Day. However, some special events can only happen rarely in a lifetime. One of which is a wedding. Now, we are not going to argue about its sanctity and necessity. However, for most of us, we have that dream of having the best wedding ceremony. 

The Choice is Yours

However, this would also entail a heavy price. It is a directly proportional relationship. The more grandiose an event would be, the larger the amount of money that you are going to spend. This is just normal for most events, but weddings seem to always take the cake for the most expensive one that you could ever arrange for yourself. It is also rather complicated as well since a lot of things are happening all at once. This is not a birthday that you can just wait while other people do things for you.

You need to be proactive and be involved in the many aspects of this celebration. This leaves a lot of couples stressed and angry about what is supposed to be their day.

This does not help the fact that it is rather expensive as well. You can have all the fun while the wedding is happening, but you will be crying right after seeing the bills. Unfortunately, a lot of couples do suffer in what we call a “happiness bias”. It is supposed to be a happy event, right? Happiness is correlated to everything big, grand and luxurious, so they tend to go all out with everything. From the food, location, to the number of guests, they will spend everything up until the end. Just like how a dentist will spend thousands of dollars on dental SEO for his business.

However, we are not incriminating those who want to spend a lot of money. After all, it is a rare event so you are allowed to throw it all in. If you have the financial capacity (and stability), then go all out by all means necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with tons of cash at their disposal. Some are just living the best of what they have at the current moment. Still, this does not take away the dream of having a dream wedding. Below are some tips that you can follow to still have a dream wedding without going broke.

Wedding of a Lifetime Ain’t Have to be so Pricey
  1. Do not schedule your wedding in June.

The tradition of being a June bride has been going on for generations. It is during the Roman times when this started because of the worship of goddess Juno. Since then, it has been a part of Western marriage traditions. Even in religious movements, this was still followed even though they do not know why. This has led to businesses taking advantage of this way of thinking. Once June comes around, some tend to increase their prices to capitalize on the tradition.

If you want to save more money, then we suggest avoiding this month as much as possible. Don’t schedule in December either or near holidays, as some tend to do this as well. 

  • Choose your ring wisely.

A wedding ceremony would never be complete without any ring to match it. Most couples (especially brides) would choose to have a diamond or other precious metals and gems as their ring choice. Truthfully, these are beautiful but this comes with the enormous price tag as well. If you want to get as much value for it, why not try other alternatives. You do not need to have the biggest gemstone in town to have a great wedding ceremony. Why don’t you try something else, like a ring for example? Stores like Simply Wood Rings offer a variety of rings that would suit your taste. Even if it does not have the big stones, you would still have a beautiful ring. After all, it is the event itself that matters the most. 

  • Be creative with your locations.

This is one of the aspects of any wedding that would drain your budget. Hotels and other event venues are already quite pricey. As mentioned before, some of them also tend to hike their prices when it is “wedding season”. Some of their charges would usually entail the decorations as well as the food if they serve it. To avoid these, why don’t you try to decorate them on your own?

That way, you can take that off the full charge. Better yet, you can have the wedding in your backyard. You can now control what you want to be in your wedding so easily. Speaking of which…

  • Limit your guest list.

Now, this is the most essential step you need to make if you want to stave off some cash from the expenses. The number of guests will affect the cost of your decorations, food for the reception as well as everything else. As we have said before, there is nothing wrong with inviting your entire neighborhood to your wedding of the century. However, you also need to think about your budget. If you have a limited amount of cash for this wedding, don’t force yourself to invite everybody else. You can just be surrounded by everyone who truly loves you, and that what’s the best weddings are made of.

There is also another option: you can always just be wed with the two of you only. Just don’t forget the rings!

  • Do not force yourself to copy others.

This is also one of the biggest mistakes of some people. They want to emulate someone else’s wedding, particularly a close friend, family or even a celebrity. If you can’t help but compare your wedding to someone else, then you will be the reason why everything would fail. Make the celebration your own and forget about anything else. You are there to profess your love and devotion to the one you have chosen, and nothing else matters other than that. No matter how much money you spent on your wedding, this will not take away the true meaning of this undying tradition.

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Diamond Ring Proposals Are So Overrated – Here’s Why

Diamond Ring Proposals Are So Overrated – Here’s Why


Since the 1400s, diamond rings already existed. The first time a diamond appeared on a ring was 1477 when an Archduke of Austria proposed to a lady of Burgundy named Mary. The ring featured long and narrow diamonds mounted on the ring-shaped like the letter “M.” Years passed and this fab grew among women that every time they get a marriage proposal, men are obliged to get them a diamond ring. 

Diamond is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. It is also the hardest natural substance known. It is one of the most popular stones that women rave about when they talk about pieces of jewelry. Diamonds were also used as decorative material or items since ancient times. This rare gemstone is not that easy to find that is why the cost is amazingly high. A 1-carat diamond is worth $3,080 to $26,950 per carat depending on its cut. Imagine how hard it is just to get the cheapest one for men to please their woman. 

You’ve found the one! 

It is very hard to find your match and decide to be with that someone for eternity. Finding the right one for you and deciding to be with them forever is one great opportunity. A big “Congratulations!” to you if you already found that special someone. What is the next step? Of course, a man should propose to the woman of his dreams. It is now time to empty your pocket! Why? You have to buy a ring! Rings are not cheap of course and each comes with a good price. What’s the most popular type of ring that women crave for? The answer is, “DIAMOND$$$.” Are you ready to spend that much? Do you have to get this just to show how much you love your woman? Some would say “yes” while some would say it doesn’t matter as long as you are sincere and you love the person. 

Diamond Rings are Overrated 

People nowadays are practical and are very creative when it comes to proposals. Diamond rings are already outdated and too obvious to surprise a woman. Some women may mock their men for buying cheap rings while some appreciate whatever it’s worth and is happy that she was chosen among the many. Marriage is not just about fancy and expensive things but it is about one union that should last a lifetime. 

People can mark their lifelong bonds in different ways that don’t have to be expensive. 


Ring Tattoos are even becoming more and more popular as they are not that expensive and it gives more meaning to a couples bond. It won’t get lost and surely won’t be outgrown. It will stay with you for eternity and will be forever cherished by both of you. 

These bands are also becoming known to people. They are very creative and less expensive as well. It is less predictable and is something new that most people would like to try. It is also compromising and attractive to the eyes at a very reasonable price. 

Why they are overrated? 

  1. Diamond Rings are way too expensive 

You don’t have to empty your savings account or use a year of salary just to purchase something that will only be worn on the finger. Proving your love for someone is not measured by the price of the ring or whatever gem is on it. This kind of material can be lost or stolen while your love for one another is stronger than that. 

  • Engagement rings especially diamond rings are societal expectations that sellers profit from 

Just because people expect you to buy one doesn’t mean you have to. At the end of the day, it is your decision and it is your pocket that will run dry not theirs. Even our most intimate and most significant moments in our lives are controlled and cheapened for sellers to make a profit. Buying a diamond ring doesn’t mean you’ll be together forever. You have to make the most of your days special with love and respect. 

3. Buying diamond rings is just a show-off and a form of status symbol  

Don’t ever put yourself in a situation wherein you’ll drown of debt just to show everyone you can afford to buy an expensive ring. Know your girl, she wants your love, not your money.

4. Stone size always matters to everyone 

You are not just buying a diamond ring but you also have to take into account it’s size and shape. Like, what the? Are they serious? Does it really matter? Actually no, you shouldn’t be bothered of what other people think because it’s not them who’ll be spending their lives with someone, it’s you. Another example of this could be a Weight Loss Coach, just because someone is overweight shouldn’t alter the love that the person feels from others. Everyone is unique, and that’s what makes life beautiful.

5. Engagement Rings are non-functional and a liability to the owner  

After wearing it what does it do? Nothing, right? It’s just there sitting on your finger sparkling and it actually does nothing at all. You bought something that can be shown off for a specific period of time and doesn’t help you in any way at all. They do mean something at first, but other than making that moment special it’s done. They are also expensive and it’s very dangerous to wear them all the time. One might lose it, it might get stolen, one might outgrow them, or one might even forget about it. It is, in fact, a liability wherever you go. 

Do you really need it? 

The answer is no, you can also show your love and come up with a bond better than an engagement ring. Diamonds as we know it is just a piece of rock that is difficult to find. Same as all the other rocks or gems in the world they will lose importance will be outgrown and might be lost in time. Proposals can be as symbolic as you want as long as you are sincere with your feelings for that special person. 

You don’t have to buy the most expensive thing to show your eagerness to be with someone. You will be loved no matter what to the person who really appreciates you. 

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Buying the Perfect Ring for the Perfect Girl

Buying the Perfect Ring for the Perfect Girl

When you find one, there is nothing in this world that can stop the two of you from getting together. Now, you may think that this is just the stuff for those TV shows and romance novels. You may be right, as this can be a fantasy for some people. However, this may come true. There is going to be that one special person that will change your life for the better. As a guy, there is a big possibility that you may not believe in any of this. Trust us though; if you meet the perfect girl, you could not just wait to get her a ring and seal the deal.

Love is in the Air

If you have not found her yet, then you just need to keep looking. There will always be that special person for you. Out of all the 7 billion people in the world, it is almost impossible to not find her. If you are one of the lucky ones, then congratulations! Now, you just need to get to know that special woman. You cannot just marry her without even getting to know what she likes. This varies from relationship to relationship, but the endgame is still the same. If you find yourself to be truly compatible, then you can think about the wedding. It is time to propose.

This is your current dilemma: what about the ring? As a guy, you might think that any ring is enough. As long as it has one of those diamonds and gold, then it is already a great choice. However, once you get to the store, you would be bombarded with tons of options. You will get all kinds of gemstones with some having specialty carvings. The prices vary as well, depending on the material used on the ring. What shall you do? Well, here are some options that you can take to help you find the perfect ring.

The Perfect One
  1. Know what she wants

This is kind of difficult to mess up, especially if you have been together for so long. It is almost impossible not to know what your partner wants. However, it is never safe to just assume. If you are afraid or feeling awkward, then you can always ask her indirectly. You can also ask her friends or family members of you are still unsure. This would be an easier option as well since they can give you pointers. Then, there is a great possibility that you have made a perfect choice.

  • Take her with you 

If you are still having doubts, then take the high road: you can let her accompany you to go ring shopping. Now, you have her direct opinion and it would be easier to make the choice. However, this would only work if you are not planning to have a surprise proposal. Otherwise, you may want to do it on your own. Having her around though makes choosing not as complicated as it needs to be. 

  • Don’t panic buy

This is something that you need to avoid even if you are buying anything else. For rings though, it is even more important. You are going to make a rather important purchase and one that would cost you as well. Don’t wait for a few days before the wedding to buy it. It will certainly affect your decision as this may make you buy something that you would regret. Also, you would end up spending a lot more than you should. Packing would cloud your decision making and you would likely just end up with disappointment,

  • Think about everyday use

Also, you need to take into consideration that you would be using this ring as well. You would want something that would still be fashionable yet practical for use. It would be impractical to have a ring with precious stones in it. For one, you cannot use it quite as often since it would be flashing on your fingers. It would be a target for burglars and thieves as well since it would be so easy to slip off your fingers. 

  • Get creative

This is why you need to be creative with your choices. You can always choose something practical that would still be a representation of your love. Companies like Simply Wood Rings have been creating these alternative options. They are becoming more fashionable anyway since you can wear them every day. Some couples would forgo the entire ring thing altogether. They would usually opt for tattooed ones or some other ornament. If your girl is into alternative options, then she would truly appreciate this. 

  • Size matters

Fitting the jewelry is also quite important since both of you would be wearing it. It should not be too tight or too loose either. You can do the fitting if you are taking her with you for the purchase. However, if you are planning the surprise, then you need to be sneaky about the measurement. You can try to estimate it, or use a string to approximate the size. Just tie it on her ring finger while she is asleep, but don’t make it too tight. That way, you won’t end up with a ring that is too tight. If you are out of options, then you can just estimate something a bit bigger. It is easier to adjust as well.

  • Keep it in the budget

Lastly, it is important that you also need to be in the budget. You don’t have to be extravagant about it as we have said before. Be creative, and don’t let the traditional ideas of marriage get to you. This is your wedding, and you have the right to say what needs to be there or otherwise. With that being said, impressing the girl and budgeting about it may not be on the same team.

This is why you need to find alternative options that would still delight her even if it is more affordable. If she breaks off the engagement because of your ring choice, then good for you. It shows that she is materialistic and not worth your time anyway. Remember, it is better to start a new relationship than staying in a bad one.

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Are Promise Rings Still A Thing? Choosing a Ring that is Best for You

Are Promise Rings Still A Thing? Choosing a Ring that is Best for You

Rings have always been a part of many people’s fashion or lifestyle. Most of them just use it as an ornament for their fingers. Some positions of power in various organizations around the world also use them as a status symbol. However, most people would think of them in a romantic application. Engagements and weddings are never complete without any rings, as it has been a part of the tradition for a long time. However, there are many types of this ornament for various applications. One of them is the promise ring.

What is a Promise Ring?

To put it into perspective, let us think about the ones used for weddings first. You give them a sign of love for one another. It is also the most official type of ring, as it is used for an actual celebration. Engagement rings are also being used, as a sign that you are already on the way to marriage. This one though is quite different.

You see, as humans, we tend to be led astray by a lot of things. As a young and blossoming couple, this is quite normal. However, you know that this other person is already the one for you. There is one problem though: you are not yet ready for a full commitment, ready for engagement and all of that. It can be complicated (as most relationships are) so it will be great to have something that can help you remember. This is especially true if you are going to be separated for a long time.

This is the role of the promise ring. It is a reminder that you need to be loyal and faithful to your partner even if you are miles apart. However, it can have different meanings depending on the couple as well. It can be because of their past experiences. A promise can mean different things in different situations. Speaking of which, there has been a lot of talk about how they are going out of style.

There are a lot of reasons for this line of thinking. For one, many people believe that you do not need it to keep a promise. Of course, this is a logical explanation. As long as you are faithful to one another, you do not necessarily need any kind of symbolism for it. However, it is a little far-off to say that it is not fashionable anymore. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to have a promise ring. Here are some tips as well to help you choose and keep the promise alive.

Choosing the One
  1. Choose a ring that symbolizes your love.

If you are going to choose a symbol of promise, then it should be something worth it. Take a look back at your experiences with each other. Is there something that stands out amongst the plethora of memories that you have? Was there a symbolic place or time of you together? You can use those as a way to commemorate the relationship that you have, Symbols of promise might not be the most serious of declarations, but it is still important to choose one that is best for both of you. 

  • Be creative with your choices.

There are many ways for you to have the promise ring of your choice. Fortunately, there are so many options now in this modern time. You do not have to be limited to the options that are considered traditional. Some couples tattoo a ring on their fingers, but this can be quite painful for some. Some options do not have precious gems on them. Simply Wood Rings offers more options that can be your choice as a symbol of your devotion to each other. Even if it may not signify marriage yet, it can still be a good thing to have. 

  • Don’t let a material thing affect your relationship.

It is not the end of the world not to have one of these things. As a couple, you must build your relationship out of trust, loyalty, and love. These material things might be beautiful, but it is not a guarantee that the love would last. You need to work hard for that, and no ring would ever change that. However, having one in your finger would be a good reminder of that love even if you are far away from each other. 

  • Use the jewelry again for your engagement.

Once you are reunited, then you can use the ring as an engagement ring. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, you can have a new pair once the wedding rolls in. You can even use that as your wedding rings as well. That is why you have to choose one that is going to be beautiful yet still means a lot to both of you.


As we have said before, there is nothing wrong with having one. However, saying that it is going out style is not true. There is still room for such sentimentality and symbolism in this modern world. A promise ring does not need to be elegant. It just has to be something that you would give importance to as a couple. However, there are a lot of ways for you to do that as well. It might not be much, but at least you have something with each other.

You may call it outdated or old-fashioned, but these symbols of promise still hold into the present society. We always pride ourselves in that we have already forgotten these concepts. However, as we have said before, you can always have this as a part of your life as a couple. There is nothing wrong with reliving these traditions and concepts even if we are already advancing as a species. Promise rings are not too cheesy, or they just belong in romance movies. It is a special commemoration of what you have as a couple, and it speaks about your future together. These may not be your final rings, but they are probably going to be the best for now. 

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6 Reasons Your Wife Is Growing Cold Towards You (and How To Fix It!

6 Reasons Your Wife Is Growing Cold Towards You (and How To Fix It!

Movies often depict relationships as fairy tales. Where, against all odds, you get to find your soulmate, get married and walk off into the sunset. The end.

The highly romanticized movie portrayal of marriages is only partly true. You do get to marry and spend the rest of it with the love of your life—your best friend. It is a life-long commitment and journey filled with the highs and lows of life.

The first few years of marriage are what they call the honeymoon phase. This is where you both feel intense passion and intimacy towards each other. It is like you are falling in love again for the very first time. You get to build your home, family, and dreams with your soulmate by your side. Everything is perfect.

Then comes the reality of marriage. Disappointments and conflicts enter the scene. The need to juggle huge responsibilities like paying bills, keeping a job, raising a child, and making a home. Soon enough, the stress of this rollercoaster ride will take its toll on both of you. Instead of growing together amid the rocky marriage, you start to grow apart.

The next thing you know, your wife is growing cold and distant towards you. As what the mainstream media painted, men are often left clueless as to what, why, and how it happened.

To help you figure that out, here are 6 reasons why your wife is giving you the cold treatment and how to fix it!

1.       She feels neglected and isolated

You spend long hours at work and when you get home, you do not talk or engage with your wife. Instead, you turn on the tv and watch the latest football game. You spend your weekends with your drinking buddies instead of taking her out for a romantic date. You stop doing things that you usually do with her like walking the dog or taking the kids to school.

How to fix it: Even if you are doing it unconsciously, these habits of yours are destroying your marriage. Women are emotional beings. Even though you have been married for so long, she still craves intimacy and affection from you. She longs to connect and spend time with you—the love of her life.

Just because you are already married does not mean that the courting stops. Make time for her. Spend time doing the things that you both enjoy. A simple “How was your day?” can go a long way.


 2.     You hurt her feelings—repeatedly

Conflicts are normal in every marriage. Healthy disagreements allow the relationship to grow and become stronger. As long as you communicate your feelings and come up with a solution after a fight.

Unhealthy ones are the immature nagging and inconsiderate petty fights for no reason.

Do you find yourself picking a fight with her every other day because of the messy house? Do you swear at her and use hurtful words during a fight? Do you become aggressive with her because you had a bad day?

Fights are ugly. It becomes uglier without saying “I’m sorry” the next day. And it becomes the ugliest when fights turn physical.

How to fix it: Communicate your feelings and problems. Talk it through and get to the bottom of it. Saying sorry and owning up to your mistakes is important. Seek help if you have anger management problems or you have a hard time opening up. This is a marriage and not a boxing match.

3.       Intimacy and alone time

Sex and intimacy are healthy ingredients of a successful marriage. It does evolve and change in frequency as the years go by. Sex goes hand in hand with intimacy and physical affection. Taking intimacy and affection out of the picture is the start of an unhealthy sex life. She grew cold towards you because sex became obligatory for you. A means to your end. You are devaluing your marriage by only showing interest when you want to get laid.

Intimacy also pertains to simple gestures of love like cuddling, kissing goodbye, and holding hands. Even helping her prepare the kids for school is considered a small act of love. If you are not doing this as often as you did before, you have your answer on why she is growing distant towards you.

How to fix it: Lovemaking is supposed to be a bond that strengthens your marriage. Turn sex into lovemaking by taking your time and not rushing it. Focus on her needs instead of yours. Season it with intimacy and affection.

4.       She is getting bored

Marriage is exciting for the first few years. When you are at it for almost 25 years, it tends to become routine. But, it becomes boring if you let it become boring.

Eat breakfast. Go to work. Go home. Sleep. Repeat. Getting caught up in a slump is a sign that your marriage needs a lift. You are not college dorm mates, you are a married couple.

How to fix it: An exciting marriage does not happen naturally. It takes a lot of effort to make it one. Break free from your routine and be spontaneous. Take a walk in the park. Set a movie night. Surprise her with a flower or with a Simply Wood Ring just because.

5.       Stressed and depressed

It is also possible that she is giving you the cold treatment because she’s been having issues of her own. Balancing her duties as a wife, a mom, and an employee can cause her a lot of stress and loneliness.

How to fix it: Be supportive of her. Ask about the problems she is carrying and help take a load off of her if you can. Talk to her only if she is ready.

6.       Changed priorities

This usually happens when a baby enters the marriage. Both of your priorities will shift. All the time and love will be poured onto your children—which is good. The bad part is having no time and love left for each other.

How to fix it: Taking care of children is a hard task. There is no manual for it so you learn as you go. The important thing is to become partners when it comes to children. Help her in changing the diaper. Take turns during feeding time. Be present during important milestones. Above all, allot a private time with your wife.