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5 Things Husbands Do That Make Their Wives Fall In Love Again

5 Things Husbands Do That Make Their Wives Fall In Love Again

Have you ever looked into a person’s eyes and thought to yourself “What did I do to deserve such a human in my life?” I do mean this in the most positive way possible. There are just times when we feel so blessed just being around certain people; their very presence is enough to comfort us during hard times and makes us feel all warm inside. If you are legally bound to this kind of person, then you are very lucky. Not everyone gets the chance to spend a lifetime with their soulmates.

However, once comfort settles into the relationship, all sorts of problems start popping up one after another. It could be that one or both halves of the relationship will start to feel the inadequacy of each one. Petty fights start to become more frequent; understanding is expressed less and less. Sooner than later, one cannot help but feel like something has changed in the one person they feel connected with. And then, doubts and regrets start to set in.

Am I even with the right person?

 This is commonly felt by women who are in long-term relationships – especially those who are married to their special person already. It is all but normal to feel like something is fading overtime, especially because “routine” makes certain experiences feel normal and uneventful. Routine makes you think that things are just the way they are and maybe your partner is simply growing more tired of you as the days go by. When this is felt by women, by your wife for instance, it crushes them. It starts to fill them up with deeply scarred insecurities and they begin to question your love for them.

It would even be no exaggeration to say that love, too, might fade if left as it is. Your once happy and spontaneous relationship would be stripped down to nothing more but obligatory companionship in the name of marital constitution. Don’t let it come to this. Never ever let love slip away.

There are many things that you can do to make your wife fall in love with you all over again. In fact, more than half the time, love doesn’t fade away. It simply simmers down just as a pot of boiling water would stop popping bubbles when the fire is put out. But that doesn’t mean that the water isn’t hot anymore, right? The same goes with relationships. Sometimes, we misinterpret dry moments in a relationship as a “fall out.” But they do not necessarily mean that.

The passion can run dry but the love will always be there. Like a match, all you have to do is ignite it. And you can do that by doing any of these sweet and unexpected gestures:

Take Her Out For Drinks On A Random Day

Oh, sweet mama! You’re woman may want to have a drink or two too so bringing her out on random bar hopping sprees will surely make her day! You have got to agree with me when I say that husbands look way more loveable when they surprise you with random suggestions. How about we get some Margaritas? Being asked that on a Sunday morning will make your wife want to fall in love again, for sure. 

Catch Her Attention With A Surprise Back Hug

Back hugs are always a nice tease. Not to mention, they cost zero dollars. There’s just something about a back hug that make women weak on the knees. It makes them feel secured and adored. Why not test it out and give the lady of the house a back hug today?

Be A Man In The Kitchen and Whip Up A Nice Treat For Her

They say that the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart but it goes both ways actually; women love a good man in the kitchen too. If your wife is working just like you and still has to take care of the chores at home like cleaning and cooking, help her out. Surprise her with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even if you don’t know the first thing about cooking, the technology of today has various ways to help you out. You can check out Tasty videos on YouTube and whatnot.

Do Your Laundry

As I have previously said, if your wife is working as well, the best treat you can ever give her is your cooperation with household chores. While buying her expensive gifts like rings and jewelry are sweet too, never ever forget that she married you because you would make a good partner in life. And that means in everything about life – be it work, raising a family, and doing chores at home. Really now, helping out by doing some cooking or taking turns doing some laundry won’t make you any less of a man. In fact, it will make your partner faill in-love with you even more!  

Always Be Generous With Kisses 

Forgive me for saying this but it really is typical of men to get lazy after the first few years of marriage. And I’m not just talking about household chores and all that. Guys tend to be less and less expressive of their love as years go by. But that shouldn’t be the case. Didn’t you vow that you will love your wife for the rest of your life? Love doesn’t mean just being there; it also means that you have to show it.

So if you want your partner to fall in love with you each and everyday, don’t forget to show her that you care. Give her lots of hugs; smother her with kisses. Being a clingy husband has its own charm to it.     

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Dinner for Two? How to Maintain Intimacy Even After Having Kids

Dinner for Two? How to Maintain Intimacy Even After Having Kids

As couples, it can get difficult to keep love alive. This is usually the case when you reach a year or more into the relationship. After the wild yet fun ride with the honeymoon stage, it is time to face the reality that the relationship has already cemented itself in each other’s lives. It might still be young for most people’s standards, but it can also get a serious quote fast. You may not notice, but you will end up married at some point. Also, you can just live together as other people do.

At some point in the relationship, you would have to experience something similar to discontentment. It can be due to a lot of things. Some people may experience a lot of stress on other parts of their lives that it affects their home. Others are not satisfied with their current life and want more from another one. However, this is quite common when you already have children. It can be a little complicated, but this form of discontentment affects many couples all over the world. You might start wondering how other people stayed for a long time with others.

This is the reason why it is important to keep that spark of love alive between the two of you. It does not mean that you cannot do these things even when you’re old. There are some tips that you can apply in everyday life which can change the way you treat each other. Others may be for special occasions, but you can prepare that in advance. Always remember that change is done through small hops and not big leaps. It is a gradual process, so it would be best for you to start right now.

Keeping the Fire Alive

  1. Learn Your Each Other’s Love Language

As humans, we all have our ways of showing our affection to another person, Being a couple means that you should know this by now with each other. Some people tend to be very vocal and would say “I love you” all the time. Others may not be verbal, but would always compensate in actions. Don’t immediately get mad because he or she does not say those three magic words back. Focus on what they are doing, and see how they would care for you.

  • Start with the Little Things

In keeping the love alive even after you already have children, some mistakes might affect the way you treat each other. These are usually little things like forgetting your anniversary date or not attending your child’s school event. It may just be little now, but it can add up and affect the relationship in the end. As a member of the family, you should always take time to make them feel that you are there even if you cannot be with them in their important moments. It would be nice for them to know that you are always thinking about them. You can make date nights into a regular thing. Schedule it every week and don’t miss every single one.

  • Make the Special Occasions Mean More

Aside from the everyday existence as a couple, certain days of the year are special to both of you. As much as possible, you need to make them count. There is nothing wrong with preparing a grandiose party, for an anniversary or birthday but it doesn’t have to be that way. Most people with children would rather see them happy first than themselves. Why don’t you treat your partner on this special day to relax and unwind? A simple greeting or reminder would already put a smile on their faces. For your anniversary, you can make it more special by buying a new wedding ring from Simply Wood Rings to complement the occasion.

  • Let the Children Be Just One of the Reasons to Stay

For most people, having children is already a deal-breaker. Once you have them as a couple, there is no going back. However, as you establish a relationship, the children are already a part of it. They should be the priority, but you need to keep the partnership working as well. If anything happens, they should not be the first casualty. As a couple, they must not be the only reason for you to stay with each other. It should be something more than just having offspring as being a responsible parent is different from a lover.

  • Make More Memories Together

If you are an adventurous type of couple, you can always do a lot of activities that you might not have done before. Being in these situations helps you bond together again and creating more memories cement the relationship. It is not just about the thrill but also a way to learn new aspects of each other that you might not have known before. With this one, you are also bridging the gap to each other as you find more common ground. You might even find that spark once again that made the relationship work in the first place.


There is no recipe or step-by-step guide on how to deal with love. It is always based on experience and the individuality of the people involved. Keeping the love alive after you already have children is a tough challenge since it would be like dating again. You would be back to that stage of not knowing what to do and where to start. However, that makes it fun and you can interact more with your partner as well. There is nothing wrong with starting over again.

Some things need preparation, while others are just quality of life changes to the way that you live as a couple. Therefore, both big and small acts of love would contribute to the entire relationship. Although it would always depend on you as a couple, you just need to adjust and know each other even more. After all, a relationship is a balance between giving and receiving. Once the time comes that only one person is making the effort, then it would never work out anymore.

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8 Signs That You’re Ready To Take On The Marriage Life

8 Signs That You’re Ready To Take On The Marriage Life

So you want to get married, huh? You’re probably getting impatient with life and you just can’t wait to get to the next level already. But hold your horses. What you may think of as a dream may turn out to be a complete and total nightmare. Marriage is not all about sweet nothings and fluttering butterflies. It’s a lifelong commitment that requires absolute trust and understanding. If you just want to tie the knot just for the heck of it, then you really shouldn’t. A failed marriage is costly – not to mention traumatizing!

When you do get married, make sure that your heart, soul and body is ready for it. If even one is lacking, then there’s a pretty good chance that your relationship is doomed to fail. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against marriage – no, not at all. However, I am against people who are merely tranced by their impractical idealization of marriage. The union of two hearts is a very beautiful thing, especially when it has arrived to that point because two people have really made an effort to come to the decision.

Today, I prepared a short checklist of things that I believe are necessary to every successful marriage. If you’re adamant about making your wedding plans come into fruition very soon, then I really suggest going through this list and ticking off boxes that you believe applies to your relationship. Passing score is 60% which means that as long as you’ve experienced 6 out of the 10 signs, you’re good to marry. But don’t be lying to yourself now, okay? Only you can judge your score, after all.

Anyway, here are the top 10 signs that you are ready to get hitched:

  1. You Can See This Man Existing In Your Future

Real talk: Never ever marry a guy you can’t see living in your future. This is a very simple method. Close your eyes and just visualize. The man who’s marriage material will easily slip into your imagination. It’s not hard to picture him playing with your future kids, making breakfast tacos, marathoning Netflix movies with you on a Sunday, and maybe even help you do laundry on slow mornings.

And here’s the most important part – you don’t feel bad about him being in your future at all. If anything, it makes you happy just dreaming of a future life with him.

  • You Can Be Alone But Not Lonely

When you’re boyfriend goes away and you turn out to be this needy 10-year old girl who needs to be carried like a princess, don’t get married yet. Sure, when you tie the knot with someone, it basically means you’ll be spending forever with them. But that doesn’t guarantee that you will be together everyday, you know. You have to learn how to enjoy your own company. You have to love being independent so that when the time comes that your would-be-husband needs to go somewhere for work or business, you won’t be left at home alone – overthinking.

Marriage should not foster dependency. It should be the union of two independent individuals who simply choose to be together because they love each other.

  • Him Being There Inspires You To Do Better

That’s right. Your partner should be someone who brings out the best in you – not make you lazy and overly dependent. Having a partner that can do it all is great. It’s also great that he or she can provide for the family. However, if it means losing yourself, morphing your own dreams to theirs, and basically diluting your own aspirations so that it would meet their life plans, then you might want to rethink about getting married. 

  • You Don’t Second Guess Yourself

This is plain enough: You know you want to get married because you can’t even bear the thought of your partner being anyone else. The man in front of you is the one and that’s it.

  • You Can Sleep Comfortably At Night Even If He Hasn’t Come Home Yet

Trust is a very important factor in marriage. Actually, it is what makes marriage meaningful. More than romance, you form a strong bond with this person – an unbreakable force that secures your relationship. Now, if you can’t even last two seconds without thinking about the “worst” that could happen while he’s away then surely, you are not ready for this kind of lifelong commitment.

In order to be able to overcome the usual strains of married life, you have to be able to trust your partner fully. This means not doubting him even he has to work long nights and not pressing him for faults you have no evidence of.      

  • You Can Support Each Other’s Goals

Before you are a couple, you are both individuals. Both of you have personal goals and aspirations that you would want to works towards and being joined together in matrimony should not be the end of it. Sure, you will start having plans that will include each other. However, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your own dreams.   

  • You Respect Each Other’s Spaces

Yep, this is something that should really be observed. You see, people can absolutely love and adore you but still want to be away from you – even just for a while. We all need our personal space, even when we are married. You can’t tie any one person to your hip. In the same way, they can’t tie you. You have to be respectful of personal spheres recognizing a person’s right to it will definitely help you enjoy a smoother relationship with your husband in the future. 

  • You Can Apologize Even When You Don’t Understand What You Did Wrong  

And lastly, rule number 8: Just apologize. What do you mean you can’t? Apologizing should be as easy as breathing when you’re with someone you truly care about. This is because the thought of losing them is scarier than the thought of admitting defeat. You don’t have to win every single argument, you know (even when you’re right). 

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5 Ways Men Propose to Get that Sweet YES

5 Ways Men Propose to Get that Sweet YES

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and one-time events that anyone could ever experience. It is the intimate joining of both people who agreed to be with each other for as long as they both shall live. Even though some people deem this as frivolous and unimportant, a wedding is a symbol of love between two people. It just makes it more official in the eyes of the law. Once the kiss has been done and signatures are set, then the couple is officially married. However, before all of this, there might have been a lot of events that led to this conclusion.

If there is one thing that men dread the most during this time, it is the proposal. You may call it a Schrodinger’s dilemma, as the answer will always be yes or no unless you pop the question. As a guy, there is nothing more horrifying or humiliating than getting rejected right when you are on your knees. It is for this reason why some would do anything to get that sweet yes from their lover. It doesn’t matter though even if the ring is from Simply Wood Rings. As beautiful and elegant as they are, that would mean nothing if the woman says NO.

If you are planning to propose to your girl, there are some ways that you can employ to ensure the YES. Before that, you need to know your woman’s preference. This could determine which one of these would work best with her. Aside from this, you have to be confident and keep that ring secured until the moment that you were waiting for.

Your Choice of Proposal
  1. The Public Proposal

This is also known as the one that goes viral all the time. It is also said that the woman would be under pressure to say yes because there are thousands of people watching both of you. It can be during a game, concert, or even just in the middle of the sidewalk. However, this is more effective in conjunction with a public event, If you have done this in a concert, for example, the celebrity holding it might notice and out you on stage! It can be the experience of a lifetime. If you do not mind being internet stars the next day, then you might want to take this option.

  • The One Where the Family is Involved

Here is a more classic technique. You may invite all of, your family to one location and it is up to you if you want to tell them anything. Popping the question in the middle of your family members is a more intimate experience. You would also have the chance to let them join and support both of you in your future. Don’t let it coincide with another major celebration about another family member though like a birthday or another couple’s anniversary. Unless you have their permission, your proposal might be viewed as rude.

  • The Prepared Location

You may combine this one with the previous option, or you can just have it with just both of you. Take her to a secluded area, maybe somewhere with a scenic view like at the beach or cliff. Having it decorated and someone playing romantic music in the background helps a lot. You can tell her about all the things that you have been through and the feelings that you have for her. Once you reach the place, then you can ask the question. This is more focused on both of you as a couple and would be a more sentimental experience if it all goes well. 

  • The Sentimental Time and Place

Speaking of sentimental, there must be a place that means something to both of you. This can be the place where you first met, where you grew up, hand your first date, etc. As long as something is tying you to that certain location, then it can be the perfect location for a proposal. You can prepare it beforehand as well, to make it even more memorable to both of you. It can lead to a walkthrough of memories that you have and how you got to this point. If she or both of you are hopeless romantics, then this might be the best option for you. 

  • The Unexpected Proposal

This is the most exciting one especially if you are the impulsive kind. You can combine the other options here and create a bombastic experience that you would never forget. After all, you can just pop the question anytime and she would not have a clue. Then, once you do it, they would probably be so stunned that they would end up saying yes anyway. It is for those who like to act spontaneously, but not irrationally. Who knows when you will get married? That’s the exciting part. 

Before Getting Married

Arguably, the easiest part of the proposal is the actual proposal itself. Deciding and planning it will comprise most of your worries. Unless you want to be the unexpected, this is going to be the turning point in both of your lives. It is not an easy decision to decide that you want to be a part of this person’s life forever. For this one, you need to think about it more than just once or twice. It is going to change both of your lives, and you might probably end up adding more into your little family. To say that this decision is not easy is an understatement.

It is also important to know whether you want to get married. Some people are just slaves to their emotions and would end up getting married after a few weeks of knowing each other. Being married is not just like being a couple; you are now legally bound by law. Unless you have signed a prenuptial agreement, you would end up sharing each other’s property. There are also a lot of other changes that you need to keep track of as you continue living as a married couple. The proposal is just the start of your journey, and you would want to stick around until the end.

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How to Plan A Surprise Anniversary Party Right

How to Plan A Surprise Anniversary Party Right

If there is one thing that could be the most challenging part of any marriage, it is maintaining the relationship. It is easier to start a relationship than to make it last as it requires more work. However, this can be said as a great accomplishment for couples since not everyone can make it far into the relationship. Some even fail during the “honeymoon stage” even if this is the most volatile part of any relationship. Building something that would last requires time, patience and understanding between parties. It should be something that you should be working together. 

Most couples do celebrate anniversaries as this can be considered their milestones during the relationship. It signifies how long it lasted and the reasons why it lasted that long. In the modern world, some couples even measure the length of their relationship by weeks, months or even days. However, the original would always be the anniversaries, as it will for many years to come.

Meanwhile, you might want to celebrate your anniversary as husband and wife. As you are a romantic, you may want to surprise him or her for this particular celebration. It can be something to take you away from your usual stresses. Any kind of celebration would be a cure for all of that. You would be surrounded by the people you love, and the surprise can make your partner happy. Below are some basics that you can follow if you want to make it right.

Tips  in Planning the Perfect Party
  1. Prepare Your Budget

If there is one thing that you should do first is to prepare the budget that you need for this event. It does not have to be the most extravagant party that you will ever host, as you can still do that for other years. You can have a nice and enjoyable party without all the fuss. With that being said, it is still important to prepare some money for the preparation. You would need food, decorations, the venue (if you are renting), etc. It might not be much, but you would still cash out for some of these things. Sure, you can save some by just celebrating in your home.

  • Make a Guest List

Another important part of the celebration is the guest list. Depending on your budget, you can make it as short or long as you want to, This also depends on your location, as you do not want to cram everyone in a small space or leave a lot open. You might also want to take into consideration whether your partner likes large groups of people or not. Otherwise, you can make it into an intimate event that you and the closest ones you love will truly enjoy. It can just be dinner and nothing else. The real celebration would be on the bed anyway.

  • Choose the Best Date and Time

As an anniversary, there is a specific date that it falls on the calendar and it would be best to follow it. However, as adults, we all have schedules to follow. If it falls on a workday, then you either need to schedule the celebration at night or on the weekend. On the other hand, if you want to have a larger ceremony, then it would be perfect to just move it on a non-working day as well. You might want to propose once again with that ring you got from Simply Wood Rings. It can be a great addition to your celebration. A second wedding would be perfect especially if you have been together for years.

  • Choose a Theme

This can be tricky, as most would think that this is just for other events. Who says that you can’t have an outrageous theme for your anniversary though? You can align the theme with both of your interests. For example, you can turn your anniversary into a Star Wars theme event. It would not just be enjoyable to you, but relatable to most of your guests as well. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who has never heard of it. Also, you can coincide with traditional themes like the ones for each milestone of the relationship: paper for the first year of marriage, cotton for the second, etc.

  • Plan Out the Event Sequence

As mentioned before, you do not need to make a big deal out of this. You can always just enjoy it slowly with close family and friends. On the other hand, if you want a grand celebration, then you need to plan out what would happen during the event. You might need to have an organizer assist you in conceptualizing the entire thing. The guests cannot just sit and wait until the food arrives; something must be done to entertain them as well. It can be a part of the surprise, too.

Anniversaries Happen Only Once a Year

This is a special occasion for everyone involved. It might have been a year or more than five decades, but being in a long-term relationship should always be celebrated. As long as the couple is happy, then there is nothing wrong with celebrating it with and for them. As a partner, this surprise (if it works) would surely be a part of your most cherished memories. Be aware though, your husband or wife might return the favor in the future. 

However, you don’t have to believe that it is mandatory to have a luxurious event for this. It can be a good thing for all the people involved but you would need to prepare for it financially. Organizing an event like that would also be additional stress, but it could be worth it if you want to see your partner happy. Meanwhile, you can always have a smaller celebration without all the fuss and glamor. It can just be a nice lunch in a nearby restaurant or a small home-cooked meal to be shared with other family members. It is more important than you actually remembered and cared enough to prepare the event for your loved one.